A Truly Off-Road

The TT URO TRUCK is a narrow multipurpose platform specially designed to provide excellent performance on all types of terrain.

Manufactured by UROVESA in Spain since 1981, it continues to be a leading vehicle in terms of reliability, robustness, load capacity, versatility and safety.

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Narrow, versatile and modular

From the outset, our TT URO was a platform capable of meeting all of the operational requirements. Equipped with excellent modularity and appreciated narrowness, it is able to provide a wide range of configurations for civilian and military uses.

Multipurpose platform

UROVESA has designed this platform with the technical components required to guarantee work on all kinds of terrain and in the most adverse environments. For both its rigid and independent suspension axle configurations, it may have farming, firefighting, forestry and urban uses, as well as for military scenarios applications.


Operational maturity

Since the Spanish Ministry of Defence declared that the TT URO truck had the required uniformity in 1984, it has gained numerous customers throughout the world. Serving civilian and military organisations for over 35 years, it is a trusted market leader in the most complex of scenarios. This experience has been complemented with technological updates that guarantee its action, durability, reliability and performance.

Combative when facing adversity

Floods, snowfalls, disasters, conflicts and fires are the most unfavourable work situations, where it is essential to have a resistant, versatile and technically reliable truck.

The TT URO is a narrow robust truck with excellent manoeuvrability in difficult areas, steep paths or forest roads. UROVESA has always prioritised the properties of stability, robustness, resistance and safety that make it possible to get our platforms where they are really needed.