High Mobility Tactical Vehicle

The VAMTAC is a multipurpose platform specially created and designed for military use on all types of terrain and in all conditions. Manufactured by UROVESA in Spain since 1998, today it is a leading tactical vehicle with more than 5,500 units in service around the world with different configurations and applications.

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Versatile and modular

The VAMTAC was created from the outset considering all operational requirements and a variety of applications that can be expected from a multipurpose military platform. Due to its qualities, It is now also well appreciated and employed to the civil sector.

Thus, based on the same platform, UROVESA has designed different variations of bodywork, loads, powers, equipment and accessories leading to multiple configurations to adapt to the countless needs of our customers.

Adaptable to any mission

With more than 60 configurations, tailored to the different tasks and terrains they have to take on, the VAMTAC is the most flexible platform to meet the needs of both civilian and military operations and missions.


Real off-road vehicle, unique in the world

The VAMTAC can move at high speeds on all types of terrain and in adverse areas where other 4x4s have serious difficulties. It has demonstrated its effectiveness, versatility and ability to react with full operability where necessary. Its design includes the latest technologies in order to equip it with:

  • Permanent 4-wheel drive with control system
  • Excellent approach and departure angles
  • High ground clearance
  • Independent long travel suspension on all four wheels
  • 100% differential locks in the transfer case and in both axles, which mean the full power of the engine can be transferred to the wheels that have grip.
  • Standard fording capacity between 750 - 800mm with optional deep fording kit up to 1,500mm.

Experience and recognition

It is where people's lives are at stake that our vehicles really demonstrate their operational capabilities. Completing a mission is not only a necessity, it is an obligation. Experience in extreme situations such as fires, disasters or war scenarios has given us our best training. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Congo, Iraq, Kosovo and Lebanon are some of the many scenarios where hundreds of VAMTACs have demonstrated their reliability, full operability and effective use.

By land, sea and air

Aware of the multiple destinations and scenarios in which it has to serve, the VAMTAC includes all of the anchorage mechanisms (fixing points and tie down rings) necessary to facilitate transportation.

Its design and dimensions mean it is easy to load, tow, lift and transport in the different means of transport:

  • By Air: as external cargo in Chinook helicopters or as internal cargo in Airbus 400M or C-130 aircraft
  • By Sea: in containers or on Ro-Ro ships
  • By Rail: in various types of carriages, both open and closed.
  • By Land: in car-carrier flatbed trucks and conventional trucks.
  • Its design means it can be launched by parachute.