VAMTACs supplied to the Portuguese Army begin their deployment in the Central African Republic

14/09/2020 الأخبار

The Portuguese RRF (Força de Reação Rápida) deployed in the Central African Republic under the command of the UN mission MINUSCA is carrying out its first mission using the VAMTAC ST5.


First mission of the Portuguese VAMTACS in the Central African Republic













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04/12/2020 الأخبار
Continue the deliveries to Portuguese Army

We continues working on the manufacturing of the VAMTACs according to the NSPA contract, starting with the Special Operations Vehicles and command post configurations.

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04/11/2020 الأخبار
New mine certification for VAMTAC ST5

The National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) recently performed a test on a new version of VAMTAC ST5 in its facilities of La Marañosa which simulates of a mine or grenade remotely operated as a convoy passes through a conflict zone.

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19/10/2020 الأخبار
The Brilat awards the Azor prize to Urovesa

The Board in charge of awarding the prize decided that the award should go to Urovesa for the special relationship it has with the Galicia VII Brigade regarding the manufacture, maintenance and repair of vehicles and components for them, as well

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