VAMTACs supplied to the Portuguese Army begin their deployment in the Central African Republic

The Portuguese RRF (Força de Reação Rápida) deployed in the Central African Republic under the command of the UN mission MINUSCA is carrying out its first mission using the VAMTAC ST5.

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Spanish MOD trusts again in UROVESA

Urovesa has been awarded with a new Framework Agreement by the Spanish Ministry of Defence that covers the supply of 663 of its High Mobility Tactical Vehicles (VAMTAC ST5)

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At the end of 2019 we received the visit of the prestigious that has resulted in this report

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Urovesa presents the new light truck "VAMTAC SK95"

This configuration of the VAMTAC ST5 ensures the same off-road mobility and stability because it has permanent traction with 100% differential locks and independent 4-wheel suspension.

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Civil Guard receives two new VAMTAC ST5

Two new VAMTACs ST5 were manufactured by UROVESA for Civil Guard

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MBDA Defense System Launched from VAMTAC

MBDA conducted a demonstration of Mistral 3 launched from VAMTAC against unmanned aircraft

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VAMTAC Versatility

One of the main strengths of our high mobility military platform is highlighted . Its modularity that allows the development of multiple configurations

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Portugal receives the first VAMTAC ST5 Armored

First batch of armoured VAMTAC ST5 were delivered to Portuguese Army

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